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Meta Meme by CelticQuailKnight Meta Meme :iconcelticquailknight:CelticQuailKnight 13 4 The Magic of Friendship by CelticQuailKnight The Magic of Friendship :iconcelticquailknight:CelticQuailKnight 10 10 Spring Landscape by CelticQuailKnight Spring Landscape :iconcelticquailknight:CelticQuailKnight 10 4 Swimming in Light by CelticQuailKnight Swimming in Light :iconcelticquailknight:CelticQuailKnight 10 4 Peace in Death by CelticQuailKnight Peace in Death :iconcelticquailknight:CelticQuailKnight 7 0
Why I Write
To ask why I write is to ask why I dream
Why do these words all crowd at my seams?
To escape, to fly free
To abandon my mind
To invade the real world from their mental confines
I write to let loose all the feelings inside
To give voices to all of the thoughts that I hide
I’m too shy to talk
I never can sing
To write is give all these hidden thoughts wings
I write so that others might read all the words
As they float off the pages like nebulose birds
And enter the head
Of somebody else
And arrange themselves neatly on that new mind’s shelves
I write to feel feelings I otherwise lack
Happiness, sadness, the want to attack
Emotions seem fleeting
I seem to forget them
But give them all words and my brain just won’t let them
I write sometimes for humor, or, at least I try
To maybe bring sweet tears of mirth to an eye
To make someone smile
To make someone laugh
I try to be funny on people’s behalf
I write when I see a most beautiful word
One that sounds so sublime, wh
:iconcelticquailknight:CelticQuailKnight 4 2
Dapper Moth Is Dapper by CelticQuailKnight Dapper Moth Is Dapper :iconcelticquailknight:CelticQuailKnight 8 0 What're YOU Lookin' At? by CelticQuailKnight What're YOU Lookin' At? :iconcelticquailknight:CelticQuailKnight 14 7 Bird Bath = Cat Bowl by CelticQuailKnight Bird Bath = Cat Bowl :iconcelticquailknight:CelticQuailKnight 11 3 The Cat Be Outside by CelticQuailKnight The Cat Be Outside :iconcelticquailknight:CelticQuailKnight 11 12 Tower by CelticQuailKnight Tower :iconcelticquailknight:CelticQuailKnight 12 0 Ancient Enemy by CelticQuailKnight Ancient Enemy :iconcelticquailknight:CelticQuailKnight 4 0 Stained Glass Griffon by CelticQuailKnight Stained Glass Griffon :iconcelticquailknight:CelticQuailKnight 9 4
Mining The Heart
Kaleidoscope eyes
And a stained glass heart
Leak tears of gems
As they break apart
Melting away
The silver ore
That coated and carried
The delicate core
Feathers of glass
On crystalline wings
That shatter like ice
When its true voice sings
With talons of gold
Clutching at life
Ripping the air
A serrated knife
Falling, falling
Slipping away
Lost to the night
That eclipses the day
Riddled with terror
Wrapped up in wax
Dripping and drying
A full body cast
The scent of a burning
Of hair and of skin
To reveal the gemstones
Littered within
With piles and piles
Towers and scores
Waves of them breaking
Burst through the stone doors
Reach for the surface
The current so strong
It coils their forms
And drags them along
They sink to the bottom
Lost in the silt
Back near the surface
The flowers all wilt
The armor is broken
The beauty is gone
We’ve stilled the heart
That kept us so strong
:iconcelticquailknight:CelticQuailKnight 3 0
Digital Mety by CelticQuailKnight Digital Mety :iconcelticquailknight:CelticQuailKnight 17 0 Fallen King by CelticQuailKnight Fallen King :iconcelticquailknight:CelticQuailKnight 7 0


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Meme thing
Quiz thing that's making the rounds currently, 'cos I was idling through sweaty fuckass weather and not being able to sleep.
- primary name: Zha
- alternate names: Sarah (given name) (Alison, Claire, or Sue at work for some reason) all of which hate with a passion.
- gender: Non-binary
- pronouns: I have no preference, as long as someone isn't trying to be derogatory
- birthday: 20th May
- zodiac sign: Taurus/Dog
- height: 5'8-ish
- eye colour: Blue/green/hazel (I have sectoral hetrochromia)
- hair color: Ash blonde/plantinum blonde/blue/purple
- tattoos?: yes – 6 so far
- piercings?: yep – 14 so far
- favorite outfit: at the moment it's baggy shorts and a vest top
- have you dyed your hair?: yep
- long or short hair?: short – shaved sides and back, short spiked on top
- sexual orientation: Pan
- romantic orientation: Pan
- relationship status: annoyed
- romantic partner(s) (if applicable): *shrugs*
- platonic partner(s) (if app
:iconzhakrisstol:ZhaKrisstol 2 0
Daily Painting 1674# Chemeleist by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1674# Chemeleist :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 2,969 59 Kirby_Old Shipping Shames by Chivi-chivik Kirby_Old Shipping Shames :iconchivi-chivik:Chivi-chivik 180 52 30 Day Kirby Challenge-3-Meta Knight by DimensionKirby 30 Day Kirby Challenge-3-Meta Knight :icondimensionkirby:DimensionKirby 9 7 Daily Painting 1673# Danger Noodles by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1673# Danger Noodles :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,578 190 Coo the owl. by Evanatt Coo the owl. :iconevanatt:Evanatt 169 15






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Dark Stuff
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My Pitiful Attempts At Humor

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My Cat
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Oil Paint
Colored Pencils
Oil Pastels
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Stained Glass
Wood Burning
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Stamps 'N Stuff:
Really bored right now so what the hey, right?
Stealing this from :iconzhakrisstol: because I am bored, as previously stated :P

- primary name: On the internet; CelticQuailKnight. IRL; Heather (feel free to call me whatever you want, I don't much care)
- alternate names: The Bird, The Cat, That Thing, It,
- gender: Female
- pronouns: She/Her but I don't mind being called an 'It'. (inside joke)
- birthday: September 15th
- zodiac sign: Virgo the Virgin/Rabbit

- eye colour: Hazel
- hair color: Dark Brown/Blackish
- tattoos?: Nope, but I'd like one someday if I can ever decide on what it should be...
- piercings?: I'd prefer to not punch holes in myself, thanks.
- favorite outfit: A graphic T and jeans. Leather jacket if I'm feeling edgy.
- have you dyed your hair?: No, but I've considered it
- long or short hair?: Long, although I did just cut off a few inches for the summer, but still past my shoulders

- sexual orientation: Asexual
- romantic orientation: Aromantic
- relationship status: Taken
- romantic partner(s): N/A
- platonic partner(s): I have multiple squishes on a lower level, but my deeper, primary squish has my dark, twisted heart forever
- friend(s): Yeah I got some. One's my cat :3

Personality/are you..
- nice or mean?: Depends when you ask, what you're asking about, and who you are. I am... not always a vey nice person...
- honest or deceptive?: I usually only deceive people I'm afraid to hurt (of course we all know how that usually turns out in the end). Other people get the cold hard truth because I WANT to see them hurt. Reality can be harsh, but it can also be deserved.
- excitable or calm?: Pretty calm until someone mentions cats, birds, or even starts to breathe "Meta Knight". After that, all calmness is forgotten. And when I get anxious. That's just a mess.
- happy or discontent?: Ehhh. I'd like to think I feel a healthy level of both. No one can be happy all the time. *unnatural*
- violent or relaxed?: Relaxed until you piss me off, but that said, I'm usually hard to piss off
- shy or outgoing?: Shy, anxious introvert here. until you say Meta Knight
- friendly or disagreeable?: If I like you, I try to be friendly. Otherwise... nahhh

- tv shows: Monsters Inside Me, Forged In Fire, How The Universe Works, MythBusters
- anime/cartoon: Steven Universe, Pokémon,
- musician(s): Imagine Dragons, Owl City, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Slipknot, Lady Gaga, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, ABBA, Metallica, like five hundred other artists because I'm bad at picking favorites...
- music genre: Basically anything. Except jazz. I'll listen to classical to rock, any metal genres to pop, dubstep to alternative to hip hop. I'm not picky with my music :3
- songs: Bad Moon Rising, Radioactive, Poker Face, Party Rock Anthem, Temperature, Scarborough Fair, Through The Fire And Flames, The Safety Dance, Immigrant Song, First Of The Year/Equinox, I'm going to stop here before I list a thousand more
- author: Erin Hunter, Herman Melville, Roald Dahl, Ed Emberley,
- book/series: Warriors, Wings of Fire, Moby Dick, That Quail Robert, How To Train Your Dragon, Legend of The Guardians
- comics: ElfQuest
- youtuber: Well I don't have a real favorite, but some I like are TomSka, Quebz, AncientReality, and FilmCow
- colour: BLUUUE~ And purple. And Black. Yup.
- weather: Sunny and warm enough to swim, or snowy, or rainy. OR THUNDERSTORMS. I guess I just like extremes...
- scent: Lilac, Lily of The Valley, vanilla, cake, my cat, fresh water, petrichor, plastic (I'm strange, I know)
- store: Hm. I don't really like shopping, but I'd guess Hot Topic, Newbury Comics, Spencer's, Walmart, GameStop, and Savers just because I work there and get discounts on stuff that was super cheap to begin with. And I'm broke.
- season: Summer or winter (oh look, extremes again!)
- holiday: Independence Day, (Camping, swimming in my river, FIREWORKS LIT BY ME), Christmas, (Seeing family, getting materialistic crap I don't need, giving materialistic crap people don't need, Food) ALL HALLOW'S EVE, MY ANNUAL EXCUSE TO DON A MASK AND A CAPE, DEMAND CANDY FROM PEASENTS AND FRIGHTEN THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD. (sounds suspiciously like Meta Knight oh well)
- time of day: Early morning if I didn't always sleep through it (light sky, birds are awake!) so I guess late at night (dark sky, stars, moon, I'm awake, no one else is)
- character: LORD META KNIGHT. And Nyan Cat. And Toothless. SlenderMan's great, too. Hannibal Lecter. Lord Shen. General Grievous. Darth Vader. Galacta Knight.
- food: Kraft Mac 'N Cheese. Cheese burgers. Blueberry pie. Funfetti Cake. Black Raspberry ice cream (fight me)

- religion: Atheist. I believe in what science has proven and what my own senses perceive. Someday I might change my mind. But religion as a concept, while useful for a time in the development of our race and indeed, somewhat intriguing, has caused entirely too many problems for me to want to commit to any of it, not to mention I'm a bit of an existential and moral nihilist, and being in religious places seems to always trigger my anxiety, anyways. That said, believe whatever you wish, just don't force it on me. I've got several fairly religious friends that I respect greatly, even though we don't agree on it.
- believe in magic?: Yes. I've experienced it.
- believe in an afterlife?: Some form of it.
- believe in reincarnation?: In some cases.
- ghosts?: Seen too many not to.
- angels and demons?: Not in the traditional sense, no.
- karma?: Oh yeah, seen WAAAY too much of that, too!
- cryptids/urban legends?: Yes.
- biggest fear: Eh. Gonna steal ZhaKrisstol's answer for this; That's not something someone with anxiety can answer.

- physical health: All right. Probably slightly underweight and eat too much sugar, but whatever. Scoliosis. My X-Rays are hilarious.
- mental health: Um. Social Anxiety that steadily, but slowly gets a little worse each time it pops up to say hello. MD, but five thousand dollars says no one here knows what it is! XD
- have you ever been hospitalized?: Does when I was born count? lol, otherwise never.
- broken a bone?: Nope. Knock on wood. And plastic.

You know what, I'm less bored now! :3


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